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Welcome to my website: a blog of my travels.


In July and August 2010, I travelled around Australia, including two weeks volunteering with wild dolphins at Monkey Mia. For a month in the summer of 2012 I lived on a houseboat in the Amazon, helping researchers survey river dolphins. The following year in July and August 2013, I was a research volunteer for CIRCE in Gibraltar. During summer 2015 I had an internship with the Sea Watch Foundation in Wales. Now I am on a gap year, which started on October 1st 2015. 

My career goal is to become a marine mammal researcher; after finishing a National Diploma in Marine Biology and Ecology at Falmouth Marine School, I have just graduated from Plymouth University with a First in Marine Biology. I plan to start my masters in September 2016.

I set up this website, named after Castaway (a dolphin I met in 2008), to document my travels, adventures and experiences, and share them with friends and family. 


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