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Abseils For Save The Whale Week 2010 + 2011

In February 2010 I did a 100ft sponsored abseil down Bristol's Avon Gorge to help stop whaling. I raised £172.00 for WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Socity) and had a great day out - I only wished that the cliff was higher as it was over too quickly! You can find a link to the WDCS website to find out how you can help or take part in activites as well, on my links page. The slideshow below is a collection of photos taken on the day.


 In February 2011 I once again went along to Bristol for the abseil, although WDCS changed the minimum amount sponsor money to £250. I didn't think I would be able to raise this alone so I got a group of people from college together to all help raise the money, then pulled a name out of a hat to choose who would actually do the abseil. Unfortunatly, our article was not chosen to put in the local newspaper and Asda rejected our request to do Christmas bag packing to raise money. Despite this we still got our own fundraising website, did a cake sale and sponsored male leg wax. We managed to get the £250 and had a fun road trip and time at the abseil! Below is most of the fundraising group for 2011.



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