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Seal Sanctuary Volunteering - The Animals

Posted on July 16, 2012 at 10:35 AM

I thought I should post a blog about all the animals at the sanctuary, for anyone's interest and for me to look back on in the future and remember.

They have three ponies: Muffin, Tuppence and Bracken. Tuppence had sweet-itch when I was there so each meal we added a powder medication to her food. Muffin was really fat!

Two goats: Steve and Andrew. At first they look exactly the same, but Steve has a mark on his nose and Andrew has one near the top of his head and is slightly larger. He follows big Steve (big due to personality, not size) anywhere. These guys were always escaping into other fields!

Five sheep: Bluebell, Bella, Stanley, Patrick and Florence. Bella was old and had to be given medication every morning through a syringe in her mouth, she enjoyed taking it though which made it easy! Stanley, well. He was hand-reared and does not like to be treated like a sheep. He LOVES head butting people. Particularly me.

Grey seals: Yulelog, Flipper, Ray and Marlin. Yulelog, otherwise known as Logsie or Loggles, was my favourite seal and I trained him the most. He is lazy and doesn't always want to be bothered with training, but is good at it really. He's really loud and huffs and groans at you. Flipper is very slobbery and partly blind, which means he can't see where the difference is between a hand or a fish. Marlin is almost completely blind and only the staff do proper training with him. Ray is a special boy, suffering from brain damage.

Common seals: Luna, Sija and Babyface. Luna was pregnant most of the I was there; however the staff came in one morning to find the baby out and dead. Horrible. Sjia loves training and enrichment and Babyface is a father to anyone he can be.

Patagonia sea lions: Diego and Noito

California sea lion: Andre. A big noisy character, very good as training as he use to perform.

Fur seals: Chaff and Andy. Andy is Chaff's dad and is good at training, but slower. Chaff can do a lot more and is always lively.

Otters: Starsky and Hutch. Fun to watch they love to juggle pebbles.

Humbolt (Donkey) penguins: Ivy, Ruby, Gilbert, Piran, Lola and Barney. Barney sadly passed away when I was there. I took him to the vets with a member of staff and picked him up. They could not find what was wrong and we had to give him medication and tube feed him, stressing him more. In the end they had to put him down. It turned out he had a small twig stuck, which he must have swallowed.

It was surprising how quickly you learnt the difference between all the animals, physically, but also their personalities. After watching them almost every day for three weeks, it was hard not to feel as though they are friends!

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