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Amazon Adventure - Video Blog One

Posted on August 25, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Hello again world!

So, I am back from the Amazon, unfortunatly. My original plan was to write a journal and then type it up as blogs, however I wrote a lot more than I expected - basically filled a whole notebook - and therefore cannot possibly type it all up. I will pick certain days to type up, which in itself is very hard to do. I also took over 2000 photos and many videos. I did take a few video blogs out there, so while I sort out which days to type up and organise my photos and videos, here is number one, a video tour of the houseboat I lived on for a month, July - August 2012. Below that is my review of the trip I wrote for GVI (Global Visions International) and future volunteers to read.

Thank you, blog soon. Jen ~x (If you cannot see the video, please click on the link.)

Tour of Amazon House Boat from Jennifer Austin on Vimeo.


An experience of a lifetime and the best month of my life.

I left nervous, but buzzing with excitement, thinking of the dolphins. When I arrived I was completely blown away. I saw dolphins almost every single day, but even without the dolphins, it would have still been incredible. The monkeys, birds, caiman, fish and even the insects were so brilliant to see. A different world. The rain was like being under a waterfall and the sun was immense. I fell in love with the place and its people.

Twice a week I met travellers at the lodge, for our Project Boto talk, from around the world and chatted for ages about where they have been or where they were going. The locals were so welcoming and friendly, I played football with the children and had conversations with the community members, even though we didn’t share the same language. The children plaited my hair while I watched a man carve a boto into a fruit I picked from a tree, then I would show them my photos on my camera and they would show me photo albums of their family and birthdays. It was extremely touching and I didn’t think it was possible to bond so much with people who do not speak your language. I learnt a lot about how different lifestyles can be. The other volunteers and interns were very friendly and I made new close friends who I am still in contact with.The hours always passed quickly, whether working or fishing, talking or playing cards.

The sunrise, day, sunset and night were all too beautiful to describe. I saw a new animal every day and could not go two minutes without seeing a bird – I saw over thirty different bird species. I would wake up at 6am every day and watch the sunrise, then every other day I went observing for seven hours, watching the dolphins in their stunning habitat and recording their behaviour. I never got tired of viewing them and time went too quickly. When we returned home I ate rice and fish, that I had caught, cleaned and gutted myself the day before.

It was like living in a different world, a better world, andI cannot express enough the colourful wildlife there. The air was always full of the forest sounds and you could quickly pick up on which monkey or bird species it was you could hear. I recommend this experience to everyone. Yes, you will be out of contact from the world (you won’t want it there anyway), you will have cold showers and wash clothes in river water, you will smell and eat mainly rice and fish, sit on a boat for over seven hours a day and have to drink rainwater… However, this was all part of the experience and I would not change anything about it.


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