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Internship with CIRCE

Posted on March 6, 2013 at 9:05 AM

The other day I got an e-mail saying that my payment had been received and that my trip is booked, so I thought it is time to introduce it to my blog!

On the 8th July I am going to Spain and being a researcher assistant for studying cetaceans around the Strait of Gibraltar, until the 2nd of August. I am very excited to be doing scientific research along with scientists, and other assistants, instead of just volunteering to whale watch or help tourists. If the weather is good, we leave the harbour at 8am and return at 10pm, a whole day of watching and recording cetaceans - what could be more perfect? One of the main aims of the research assistant is the identification of common dolphins, sperm whales, pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins and killer whales from photo-identification, however depending on the level of experience in the past each will be trained to do different jobs. I am planning on treating it much more like a job than a holiday and working really hard to learn new skills, I would love to be taught how to record acoustics and believe this would be very useful to have done as well.

Around the area there are places to visit and one that I will certainly be going to is an old whaling station as I did not get round to seeing one in Australia.

I am also thrilled to be going somewhere alone for the first time, it will make me mix with people more and I can experience what it would be like to have a job abroad - like I hope to in the future.

I will hopefully book my flights in the Easter holidays, which are not too fair away now, but until then I am enjoying the uni work I have and even more so now that I can work towards this amazing trip in the Summer.

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