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Sea Watch Internship Week 2

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 4:25 PM

Week two...

Monday 20th

My first day off! Did wing work and typed up my blog, after lunch we had an office meeting and Katrina showed me how to take sightings from other websites and put them into the Sea Watch database. Picked up some leaflets from tourist information for things to do when my parents visit. I went across the road and sat in the 'Toast and Post' which is a teashop and post office. It was a really cute tea shop and I sat on a table for one looking out to sea. It was only me and two grandma's talking about knitting. Then I sat on the pier with Susie and tried to spot dolphins. Later I went over some 'R' stuff and we all watched Grease together in the evening which was fun and the others were impressed I knew all the words to the songs. Our food delivery also arrived, YAY! 

Tuesday 21st 

I had the morning watch at 9am and saw the dolphins on the way to the office before I even got to the pier. They stayed around for over an hour with a little calf doing tail slaps. It was my first watch that I had done alone and it went fine. I enjoyed telling the public about the dolphins and what I was doing. Technology then decided to hate me all morning, lots of computer trouble so I got little work done before lunch. Cleaned the kitchen after lunch then inputted sightings all afternoon. Did a shared wash with Kristina when I got back and hung our clothes all around the whole house because it was raining and we have no dryer. Watched a Castle episode before dinner and then went salsa dancing with everyone. It was really nice to do something with everyone which I was comfortable with. The lesson for supposed to be an hour, but we did it for over 2 and it was only a couple of pounds. 

Wednesday 22nd

Kristina, Katrina and I went on a boat trip in the morning for 2 hours, which was excellent. Saw a huge jellyfish, lots of dolphins (and a jumping one close to the boat) and seals too. We sat on top of the dolphin-watching tourist boat which was a bit strange and difficult (Kristina kept panicking that she would fall off), but fine once you got use to it. It was difficult to take down all the information quickly once we had a sighting, plus the effort data every 15 minutes, even if it was in the middle of a sighting, and take photos! Then I had land watch straight away where I hung out with a mother and calf for 2 hours. Back to office work inputting sightings, in the evening the others went to an open mic night, but I did wing work and watched Castle. Very great day!

Thursday 23rd

Did land watch 11-1pm and then lots of office work all day. Kristina and Charlotte had the day off and went shopping in Aber. I met Peter, the founder of the Sea Watch Foundation, but he didn't seem interested to talk to me much. He had a meeting with the students doing projects on the dolphins though. After office work I helped Alice paint a map in the education room for National Whale and Dolphin Watch, it took me an hour to paint a compass. I was on bin router so that was nasty as no-one had cleaned the inside of the bins and the food bin was full of maggots. In the evening we went to the pub quiz which was very difficult - we came last. I only knew one question which was about the song Jolene. The pub did pimms cider which was so tasty. Alice and I talked about Plymouth which was interesting, I was very pleased when she said how all the first years had talked about my dissertation presentation and how good it was! She said it was that presentation that inspired her to get involved with marine mammals! Kristina, Susie and I headed back early for bed. 

Friday 24th

Another day off! Watched Castle in bed and applied for an expensive working visa for Australia. Cleaned the kitchen and did washing. Went to a shop called the Dolphin Gallery which was nice to look round, bought an arty whale card for Ursie. This week I got postcards from Keeley and Ursie which were lovely surprises and I have stuck on the wall next to my bed. Spoke to mum and Robin, did wing work and after dinner a few of us watched Dirty Dancing 2 and Step Up 2. It was a lovely day despite the rain and lack of dolphins. 

Saturday 25th

First day of National Whale and Dolphin Watch! Mostly just a day in the office, also contacted other companies on Facebook to ask for advertising. I was left in charge of the office and phones for a while and had to deal with a man who was a boat operator and wanted to be under our recommended boat operators on the website. Then I went on the pier with Susie and Kristina while Emma was doing watch. We sold dolphin toys and t-shirts, practising face-painting on each other. (Alice did an awesome sperm whale on me.) Taught the public about different species in the UK and how photo ID works. Didn't actually see any dolphins. The author of The Magic Dolphin book did a reading to children. I cooked Alice dinner and everyone apart from Kristina and I went to a beach party. Kristina made a cake for the bake sale on Monday and I did wing work and had a long bath. We popped to the shop for cake things and Kristina was so confused by the idea of multipack crisps, they don't have them in Germany. She also put fanta in the cake mix and says she's done it with beer! 

Sunday 26th 

It was pouring with rain so all the pier activities were cancelled. I sat in the education room for hours because I was up-to-date with sightings. I talked to the public and encouraged children to paint. It was fine, but a little dull. It was so quiet we put on Finding Nemo and watched that in between talking to people. Weather was better by 3pm so went on watch, but only saw 2 seals. Had dinner and did wing work and skyped Robin. Really hoping to see dolphins again soon! Doing a word-search with children and dot-to-dot wasn't really what I signed on for, but I know public awareness is an important skill to have. 

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